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Can you do both S&OP and DDMRP?

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a united, integrated approach that makes it easier to recognize a mismatch between resource availability and demand, and quickly adjust. Interest in S&OP has been high in part because of a shift towards to-order manufacturing modes, which benefit from systems that help manage unpredictable, fluctuating demand.

Rapid changes in demand and increased reliance on extended supply chains mean that sales, the manufacturing supply chain and other operational players must communicate efficiently in real time and make business course corrections in a smart way— that is exactly what S&OP meetings and processes accomplish.

Key questions that this white paper covers include:

  • What are the S&OP basics?
  • Can S&OP and DDMRP co-exist?
  • What must your ERP do to facilitate S&OP along with DDMRP?

To learn more about Sales & Operations Planning in the ERA of DDMRP, download this white paper.


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