IFS Field Service: Redefining Complete FSM

“This research report is based on Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) recent review of IFS’s FSM solution. This report is intended to help FSM users identify what a complete FSM solution should encompass and why an end-to-end application suite such as IFS FSM is more powerful than its counterparts, highlighting specific business use cases and functionality groups…

…Judged by its support of the full range of FSM functionality, IFS FSM stands out as a complete FSM suite. However, above and beyond meeting these standard functional requirements, IFS has demonstrated an array of new and enhanced FSM capabilities. These features elevate the IFS FSM solution and have the potential to create new business opportunities while altering the traditional service business model.”*

*Yu Chen, Senior ERP Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers, “IFS Field Service Management: Redefining Complete FSM” (31 May 2018)