IFS for Agile Business

White paper download: How IFS software delivers greater business and operational knowledge

Your business’s ability to respond quickly to opportunities or challenges depends on the quality of your information, and the ability to access it when you need it.

IFS has 30 years’ experience of developing Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management and Service Management products that help some of the world’s most complex global businesses, projects and supply chains improve their knowledge in three main ways:

  1. Assembling a single version of the truth: business lifecycle expertise. IFS software enables you to understand the status of your products, assets, customers and projects at any time, with a reliable single version of the truth.
  2. Extending knowledge and information: built-in mobility and usability. Put clear, usable information into the hands of the people who need it, in the boardroom, warehouse, and out in the field.
  3. Understanding future scenarios: forecasting and modelling tools. IFS software enables you to bridge the knowledge gap between strategy and operations, and accurately model and understand the impact and dependencies of future business scenarios.

Download the technical white paper to find out how to avoid key information problems, and increase your business agility with the right enterprise software.